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Whether you own or lease a vehicle, regularly maintaining and servicing your vehicle is the key to keeping it in peak condition. However, many Huntley, IL area drivers work long, busy hours during the week and simply don't have the time to stop in during the daytime. Tom Peck Ford's Quick Lane® Tire and Auto Center auto technicians can perform nearly any auto maintenance service in a timely manner so you can go about your day without any bumps in the road.

No appointment is necessary for Quick Lane® services either, so you can stop in at any time that works with your schedule. If you want to save on your next auto maintenance at our Ford dealership in Huntley, IL, check out our monthly auto service specials.

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Quick Lane® Oil Change

When you get an oil change at Ford Quick Lane®, you can rest assured that your car will be serviced with only the highest quality oil. We offer Motorcraft® motor oil and products and use the ones that are specifically designed for your vehicle. Simply stop into our Ford dealership in Huntley, IL for a quick oil change and get back on the road in no time. Huntley, IL area drivers can select from three different oil change and maintenance services that will ultimately help gas mileage and overall vehicle performance.

Good: Oil Change Filter Replacement

A simple oil change and oil filter replacement is conducted using Motorcraft® Synthetic Blend oil, which helps prevent rust, corrosion, and delivers wear protection.

Better: The Works™ Vehicle Checkup

This service includes a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation, tire pressure check, brake inspection, battery test, and overall vehicle inspection, which allows you to leave Tom Peck Ford with greater peace of mind.

Best: Vehicle Specified Scheduled Maintenance

We suggest checking your owner's manual for recommended maintenance service, including the interval at which you should change your oil as well as which type of oil you should use. Stop into the Tom Peck Ford Quick Lane® Tire and Auto Center during business hours for any scheduled maintenance service.

Quick Lane® Tire Change & Rotation

Buying new tires is a necessary but costly expense, so visit the Ford Quick Lane® Tire and Auto Center in Huntley, IL for regular tire rotations to prolong tire lifespan. Because routine tire rotations vary depending on the model and make of a vehicle, look to your owner's manual to see when you should rotate your vehicle's tires. You can also confide in a Quick Lane® specialist for the best tire rotation schedule for your vehicle.

Is it time to replace your tires? If tread depth is less than 3/32", then you should replace your tires as soon as possible. You can also measure tread depth by placing a penny in the tread. If you can see Lincoln's head, it's time for new tires. The experts at Ford Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center at Tom Peck Ford can help you with choosing a new set of tires. We offer Huntley, IL area drivers the most popular name-brand tires, like Michelin and Goodyear, at excellent prices.

Quick Lane® Brake Pad Repair & Replacement

Have your brakes been squeaking? Do you feel like you have to brake harder than usual? These are usually signs that your brakes aren't working like they should. As the most important safety feature on your vehicle, you'll want to make sure your entire brake system is in proper working order.

Our Quick Lane® team will fully inspect your brake system - including pads, shoes, drums, and rotors - and can recommend repair or replacement depending on their diagnosis. Our auto technicians use Motorcraft® brake products, and every brake pad replacement comes with a Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee.

Battery Test

There are few maintenance issues more annoying than a dead battery, but it's also one of the most easily prevented problems that can occur. If you've noticed that it's taking longer to start your car or the interior lights dim when you're using multiple electrical systems, it's time to have your battery tested. The good news is that battery tests are quick and painless with the Quick Lane® service center at Tom Peck Ford in Huntley, IL. Simply bring your Ford car, truck, or SUV into our service center and we can have your battery tested in minutes. If it does need to be replaced, our team has several options that are of the highest quality with excellent warranty coverage.

Cooling System

Keep your engine and radiator running at peak performance in your Ford car, truck or SUV for the summer months in Huntley, IL with our Quick Lane® service center. Our factory-trained technicians will inspect your cooling system quickly to make sure that hoses are free of leaks and operating temperatures are at an acceptable range. If any issues are detected, we can also replace damaged or worn components with minimal interruption to your active lifestyle.

Belts & Hoses

Are you hearing a whine from your engine or noticing the occasional leak? Your belts and hoses may need replacement or adjustment. Let the team at our Ford Quick Lane® auto service center get the job done while you wait. Our team will inspect your belts for wear and corrosion, and perform pinch tests on belts to locate any leaks or cracks.   Visit the auto service center at Tom Peck Ford in Huntley, IL to take advantage of our Quick Lane services, or schedule your next auto maintenance appointment through our online scheduling tool.

Stop by Tom Peck Ford for Quick Lane® Services Today!

If you're in need of an oil change, tire rotation, or any other auto maintenance services, visit our Ford dealership in Huntley, IL during business hours. Have a more complicated issue? Schedule service online or give us a call at (877) 491-7885 to speak with an auto service center representative directly. For more information on the Quick Lane® services we offer at Tom Peck Ford, send us a message online.

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