Is all-wheel or four-wheel drive the vehicle for you?

Are you caught between the choice of all-wheel drive versus four-wheel drive? We at Tom Peck Ford are here for you. Our staff set out to explain briefly the differences between the two systems to help you assess which of the two would be the best fit for you.

Consider the terrain that you’ll mostly use your car on. Rocky trails or smooth tarmac? If you plan on using your car on rough terrain, then a four-wheel drive system would better suit your needs. This is because the four-wheel drive system incorporates techniques that enable the car to grip smooth terrain and move on rough terrain as well.

It is worth noting, however, that if you have your mind set on the car type, then the choice of drive system might already have been made for you. Sedans like the Ford Fusion have an all-wheel-drive system, while four-wheel drive systems are typical of SUVs and trucks.

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