Huntley Drivers Falling Head Over Heels With SUVs

The last time you were out and about in your car, did you notice more SUVs than you did four or five years ago? SUV loyalty has been increasing in recent years, with more and more drivers opting to drive and stick with SUV/crossover cars. In fact, according to a recent consumer analysis, 66 percent of SUV drivers shopping for cars in first quarter 2017 bought new SUVs. That's a 14-point loyalty jump from 2012 and a figure that no other auto type can match.

What should your takeaway from this be? SUVs like the 2017 Ford Explorer are in.

What makes the Explorer so special? Versatility. With enough seating for seven, it has all the room you could need to carry friends and family. And if you need more space for cargo instead of people, you can fold down two of the rear seating rows to open an impressive 86 cubic feet of cargo space.

The Explorer's twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine can also produce 290 horsepower and a towing capacity up to 5,000 pounds. That might not be as much as one of Ford's trucks, bit it's also nothing to bat an eye at.

If the Explorer sounds like the SUV for you, get in touch with Tom Peck Ford. Our team in Huntly, IL will scour our inventory of new Ford vehicles to find the perfect match for you.


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