Looking for a Reliable Sedan? The 2018 Ford Fusion is Right for You!

Are you in need of a great sedan with all the right safety features and comfort? Why not consider the 2018 Ford Fusion? It's got everything you need to safely transport all drivers to their desired location here in Huntley, IL.

The 2018 Ford Fusion comes with a base S model, which will provide shoppers looking for a deal with everything they need, like a rear-view camera, at a great price; you will not be disappointed!

If you're wanting the fantastic SE model, it comes with lane-keeping assistance, collision warning, and blind-spot monitoring. You can't go wrong with the extra safety features.

Both models can save you more than a few bucks on gas, as they offer plug-in hybrid systems, as well as the Fusion Hybrid. One of the more noteworthy features of this sedan is that it comes with all-wheel drive on many models.

Tom Peck Ford is always available for you, and we want to keep you safe and happy while helping you save money. So give us a call today and set up an appointment with our professional team.

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