Keep Your Child Safe While Trick-or-Treating

The air is cool and filled with excitement: Halloween is coming. As fun as Halloween can be, however, it can also be dangerous. Pedestrian-related accidents are at their highest on Halloween night.

If you take your child out, you need to make sure they stay safe. Be right with them as they cross the street. You should also keep your child visible using things like reflective tape, glow wands, and flashlights.

If you're driving, drive slow. Going even just five MPH under the speed limit can make a big difference in how long you have to respond to unexpected hazards on the road. Also, use caution when approaching parked cars. Children could exit or enter them unexpectedly.

At Tom Peck Ford, your safety matters. Whether you're looking for Halloween safety advice or a new safe car, we can help. Get in touch with us today.

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