Headlight Restoration You Can Do Yourself

Your headlights are an important part of your vehicle because they help you see what's ahead of you. Faded, dull and dirty headlights can be a hazard on the road. We at Tom Peck Ford offer headlight cleaning and restoration services and also carry a full line of supplies on hand.

If you're interested in cleaning or restoring your headlights yourself, there are a few different paths from which to choose.

  • Toothpaste - Apply toothpaste on headlight, scrub with a wet rag, rinse and dry.
  • Insect repellent - Spray repellent on rag and scrub headlight making sure to not get any on the paint. Wipe all excess repellent off headlight.
  • Polishes and abrasives - Apply lightly while trying to remove scratches. Start with a light grain of sandpaper.

Whether your headlights need cleaning, restoring or complete replacement, we can provide everything you need in Huntley, IL. See us in our service center today for all your automotive needs.

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