Know the Difference Between a Full-Size Tire and a Spare

When it comes to spare tires, there are only a few options out there. Most full-size vehicles have a full-size spare, while smaller vehicles will usually have a compact temporary tire. Other vehicles can even be equipped with run-flat tires or a small air compressor instead of having a spare on hand. The two most common options are the full-size spare and the compact temporary.

The full-size spare is a tire that exactly matches the other four tires on your vehicle. If you have one of these and have to use it, you can drive on it for basically as long as you'd like. There is no rush to get the other one repaired or replaced, although most of the time you will want to keep your tread wear in mind and get it done fairly quickly.

A compact temporary tire is limited in every way. Many drivers refer to these as "donut" tires. They are normally rated to go only about 50 miles before they are deemed unsafe. Truthfully though, you will want to go straight to the tire shop for a repair, if you can. Riding on these for too long is not only safe, but can affect other areas of your vehicle because of the uneven wear and ride height. If you have any other tire-related questions, then please feel free to contact us here at Tom Peck Ford.

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