Extreme Temperatures Dangerous to Car Battery

If you have a dead car battery, you aren't driving anywhere. While car batteries are resilient, and typically have a lifespan of about three years, they are capable of failing. Batteries fail quicker when compromised and during extreme periods of cold or hot weather.

When first learning to drive, you were probably taught that it is crucial to drive your car for a few minutes on both very hot or freezing days, even if you don't need to go anywhere. That's because extreme temperatures can drain the life of a battery. Batteries that are older, heavily corroded or have already been drained and jump-started are especially susceptible to fail in extreme conditions.

If you have an old or weakened car battery, let our certified technicians at Tom Peck Ford replace and safely dispose of it for you. It won't take long, and while here you can take a look at the cars on the showroom floor. Schedule your appointment today.

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