Tire Sipes Make a Difference

Your tire treads are responsible for keeping your car on the road. In order to create traction on treads, tire makers include elements known as sipes.

Sipes are thin grooves that are cut into the lugs, which are the thick parts of the tread. Sipes and lugs work together to create more surface area and grip.

The sipes are tough, but due to their relatively shallow depths they may be the first parts of the tire to show signs of wear. If this happens, the entire tire may become vulnerable to the dangers of hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning occurs when tires moving over wet roads build up small wedges of water underneath the sipes. This water wedge can cause the tires to completely lose contact with the road.

Thankfully, you can avoid hydroplaning by driving responsibly during wet weather and by having your tires rotated regularly. Here in our service center at Tom Peck Ford in the Huntley area, we field a number of suspension experts who can give your tires detailed attention. For a no-obligation conversation, swing by our place today.

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