What Features Peak Your Interest When Looking for a New SUV?

When you set out to find your next SUV, what do you look for? Could it be price or maybe even performance features that matter most to you? The 2018 Ford Flex seeks to rise above the competition and attract those looking for a new SUV with unique designed features.

The 2018 Flex includes design features that seek to enhance the driving experience. Among these is the sophisticated aesthetic of its interior design. This aesthetic is comprised of Yoho maple accents on the door trim and instrument panel, leather-trimmed front seats, and a leather covered steering wheel with wood inlay. The Flex also includes a distinctive front grille that blends seamlessly into the headlights.

Come visit us at Tom Peck Ford in Huntley, IL to discover more about the design elements of the 2018 Ford Flex and the many other features that it has to offer. We'll get you out for a test drive to experience firsthand what this popular 3 row SUV brings to the table.

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