Look at Some of the New Ford Mustang Technology Features

Our entire team working at Tom Peck Ford get excited when a new line of vehicles arrive on the lot. This year, we are ecstatic about all the technology features throughout the new Ford Mustang sports car.

To help drivers of the Mustang maintain safe driving habits, the Lane-Keeping System is constantly monitoring the road for drifting that could occur. Whether you are tired or distracted, if the vehicle leaves the safety of the lane lines, then your steering wheel begins vibrating just before the car tried to nudge itself back.

The Adaptive Cruise Control feature in the new Ford Mustang is unlike any you have used in the past. Simply set the desired cruising speed, then the sensors in front of the vehicle locate a lead car to create an invisible buffer zone. The Ford Mustang will speed up or brake according to the distance to that lead car all by itself.

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