Technology Features Packed into the Ford Fusion Energi

The all-new Ford Fusion Energi uses safety features to help make this a popular plug-in hybrid.

When there is a risk of collision while driving the Ford Fusion Energi, that is when the Pre-Collision Assist system jumps into action. First, the driver is alerted of a problem and instructed to brake. If not fast enough, the system then pre-charges the brakes and slows down your vehicle just in time.

To help avoid the car drifting out of a car lane and into serious trouble, the all-new Ford Fusion Energi is equipped with the Lane-Keeping System to alert the driver to correct this behavior. Simple to driving over rumble strips, the steering wheel will begin vibrating to alert the driver to get the car back in the lane lines.

At Tom Peck Ford, you can pick the Ford Fusion Energi or choose from a number of different cars on the lot to take on the road and test drive.

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