Monitoring System in the Ford Transit Connect

Business owners in Huntley looking for fleet vehicles they can keep track of should consider the new Ford Transit Connect. This popular cargo van and sports wagon is available at Tom Peck Ford with a unique monitoring system.

The Ford Telematics and Data services can provide you with in-depth information about how your vehicles are being used. High-tech equipment inside the van relay information to easy-to-use software. The feedback it provides can be used to train drivers and make the most out of your investment.

You'll be able to see the van's traveling speeds, periods of hard braking, periods of harsh acceleration, and more. You can also see where the van is thanks to GPS tracking. If you want to see how much fuel and fluids the van uses, the software can show you idle time, fuel waste, and even how much oil there is. The system is also capable of providing you with information about seatbelt use.

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