Stay Connected With The Latest Amenities In The Ford EcoSport

Keep all of your devices charged in the Ford EcoSport with the multiple charging stations in the front and back of the SUV. There's also a 12-volt charging outlet in the front of the vehicle for larger devices. You'll find another 12-volt station hidden in the back of the vehicle.

The sound system inside the SUV brings you to the center of the music you're listening to so that you feel as though you're at the musician's concert. Natural materials are used for everything from the steering wheel to the dash of the SUV for a comfortable feeling while you're driving in Huntley, IL.

Stay connected with family and friends while also searching the internet with FordPass connect. The feature always provides a hotspot so that you don't have to worry about having a connection while you're away from home. You can connect up to 10 different devices to the WiFi feature. Tom Peck Ford can show you how to customize the connection for each device.

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