An Advanced 4WD System Powers the Ford Escape

A 4WD system helps a car produce even traction among all four wheels. Ford Intelligent 4WD drive System takes this feature to the next level, and you can use it while driving a Ford Escape because it's standard hardware.

The intelligent aspect of Ford's 4WD system involves monitoring. As you drive an Escape, this system will notice any changes that impact traction. If you drive an Escape quickly, the 4WD hardware won't miss a monitoring opportunity because it scans the surroundings within milliseconds. When the drive train needs adjustments, the intelligent system will transfer power to give the Escape better torque. It always moves power to the rear wheels in order to maximize traction, which improves handling.

Because the Ford Escape has a smart 4WD system, it's a great automobile for towing jobs. You can observe some of its towing features on the lot at Tom Peck Ford in Huntley, IL. If you test drive an Escape, you'll experience how its Intelligent 4WD System performs on the road.

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